My Android test devices

These are most of my android test devices I have collected over the years to fix strange bugs in various GPUs and versions of Android. This is especially needed when porting PC games as a huge array of features and rendering techniques are used which throw up differences in Android devices.

Power NZB

My Android app Power NZB was release a few months ago. I’ve just made a new website to host more details, see:

Jetpack Joe Android Game

I have finally made a blog for an Android game I have been making for the past few months. I have not been able to spend much time on it recently, but hopefully it may be finished one day!  


Projector Modded With LED

Introduction I got given a Panasonic PT-AE500E projector as it was ‘broken’. As you have probably guessed, the only thing wrong with it was the bulb. Unfortunately the bulbs are ridiculously expensive which meant it was effectivly a write off. So I decided to try and fit a super bright LED instead. I knew it …

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Bike Helmet 1

Super Bright Bike Helmet Lights

Introduction As I was riding into work during the winter, I wanted to try and reduce my risk of being hit by a car. I decided to make myself very noticeable and different to the drivers, which will hopefully mean they will drive with more care around me.

Compass Belt board soldered

Compass Belt

Introduction Last year I saw an article on Engadget on the Haptic Compass Belt, since then I have wanted to make one. Finally a year after having half the components, I decided to design and build one.