Welcome to Emtronics. This is a selection of some of my electronics projects and software projects.

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Emile Belanger.

I released a new app – Long Music Player, check it out:   http://www.longplayerapp.com/    

  QuadBot Table of contents Overview Mechanical Drive Parts Wheels Base Robot Arm Electronics Brain – Homemade Xilinx FPGA board Power Supply  Wheels AVR Servo control board  STDIO Display Wireless Camera Software FGPA Microblaze core  Android App   Overview Quad Bot is a small robot designed and built from scratch. It has a simple robot [...]

My Android app Power NZB was release a few months ago. I’ve just made a new website to host more details, see: www.powernzb.co.uk    

This information was contained in my Quatbot project post, but I have moved it here instead. I decided to test out some PID control of the speed of a wheel in a project I was making. I thought it might be interesting to interface directly with Simulink in Matlab and try and use the provided [...]

I have finally made a blog for an Android game I have been making for the past few months. I have not been able to spend much time on it recently, but hopefully it may be finished one day! http://www.spacebooty.emtronics.co.uk  

Introduction I designed a small (70mm X 65mm) FPGA board around a Xilinx Spartan 3 FPGA. I decided to make my own for the design experience and it would be cheaper overall than purchasing 4 pre-made boards (excluding time spent of course!). The board contains everything needed to program and run the FPGA + it [...]

Introduction I got given a Panasonic PT-AE500E projector as it was ‘broken’. As you have probably guessed, the only thing wrong with it was the bulb. Unfortunately the bulbs are ridiculously expensive which meant it was effectivly a write off. So I decided to try and fit a super bright LED instead. I knew it [...]

Introduction I received a Parallax HM55B compass module and wanted to quicky test it out, so I interfaced it with an old AVR and wrote a program to read the X and Y values and send them to a PC over the serial port. Design HM55B test video The compass module is wired to PORTB [...]

Introduction I built this interface board to allow faster, easier communication to a PC from a Jennic Zigbee module. The FT245BM USB interface chip is wired up in parallel to the IO ports of the Jennic, there is a small driver for the Jennic which allows you to send/get bytes and read status info. Design [...]

Introduction As I was riding into work during the winter, I wanted to try and reduce my risk of being hit by a car. I decided to make myself very noticeable and different to the drivers, which will hopefully mean they will drive with more care around me. Features Attached to the helmet are 4 [...]